Amsterdam The Guide - Marcel Bergen & Irma Clement

Auteur: Marcel Bergen & Irma Clement
Staat van het boek: Nieuw boek
Uitvoering: Paperback
Pagina's: 222
ISBN: 9789087780098
Verschijningsjaar: 2017
Amsterdam The Guide is the most complete travel guide available for a successful visit to Amsterdam. You can use this guide as a city, walking, and architectural guide.

In Amsterdam The Guide, you find an extensive overview of the architectural styles, architects, and different types of façades in Amsterdam. In a series of 10 walks you can get acquainted with the city in a relaxed manner. Almost all of the important monuments, buildings, and historical houses are included during these walks.

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In the Canal Guide a short explanation of each of the most beautiful, impressive and outstanding buildings along the four main canals and secondary canals is given. Amsterdam the Guide is written by native Amsterdammers and therefore offers you insiders knowledge with a wide range of features to get you to know the city well during your visit to our beautiful city.


Auteur Marcel Bergen & Irma Clement
Staat van het boek Nieuw boek
Taal Engelstalige boeken
Uitgever: Uitgeverij Mokum Books
ISBN 9789087780098
Pagina's 222
KENNIS & INFORMATIE Regionaal en steden, Reisgidsen
Auteurs uit: Belgie of Nederland
VEEL GELEZEN DOOR Vrouwen, Mannen, Young Adults
Fictie - Non-fictie Non-fictie
Uitvoering Paperback
Verschijningsjaar 2017
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